Boudreaux’s Guide Service is located on the west side of the lake in Hackberry, LA. This is where your adventure will begin.

Boudreauxs Guide Service

Brad Boudreaux

Loaded with experience, Brad’s been fishing Big Lake for 30+ years. Enjoys passing on the experience to his son.

boudreauxs guide service

James Boudreaux

Equally experienced as his brother, James is a well-rounded guide. Enjoys a friendly competition with his brother.

boudreauxs guide service

Many More

We have many more guides available! Whether you’re looking for one boat or several, we can handle any size party.

You’ll start your morning meeting Brad, James or one of our other experienced guides at one of the boats located at Spicer Bait and Tackle in Hackberry, Louisiana.

Once the guide has located the fish, he’ll step back and let you enjoy the action. If you like, Brad or James will net and unhook the fish for you so that you can get right back in on the bite. After your 8 hour trip, or whenever you’re ready, the boat will head back to Spicer Bait and Tackle where the guide will offer you a chance to take pictures of the days catch. The guide will also clean all of the fish for you, so make sure to bring a cooler.

Calcasiue Lake holds a variety of fish species. You can expect to catch Redfish, Trout and Flounder while fishing the lake.

Boudreauxs Guide Service

“It’s not always easy to describe an experience in plain text. Check out our photos or videos to get a better idea.”

Where we fish…

CALCASIEU LAKE consists of a huge variety of fishing terrain. There are plenty of shallow marsh areas, countless underwater reefs, a major ship channel that offers access to the gulf and of course the lake itself. Boudreaux’s Guide Service fishes all of these areas and have more than enough experience when it comes to finding the bite. Have a look around by exploring the map.

All of our guides are friendly, knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Whether you are an experienced angler or you’re going fishing for your first time, you will enjoy fishing with Boudreaux’s Guide Service.


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